Are We Capable?

My new commentary, titled “Are We Capable?”, about how the Democrats have helped Camden, was just posted on All Right Magazine.

Back in the late 60’s, I lived across the river, in Elkins Park, Pa.  Camden was a city in horrendous decline way back then.

Is it any better now?  Do a little research and decide for yourself.

Safe to say, you can thank the Liberals and Democrats.

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New, The Next Frontier

Look around, how often do you hear anybody talk about “new” today?

New policies?  New opportunities, new jobs, or new wealth?  The complexity and effects of “new” cannot be overstated.

America, as always, is at the epicenter of new.

I’m very comfortable with new, in the great majority of the time.  I seek it.  I create it.  I live it.  My world…the world of tech, is constantly filled with new.  The rate has been increasing for a long time.   Back in my younger days, I rebelled against a lot of different things justifying my cause in the name of “new”.

New was better.  New was exciting.  New was risky.

In the fuzzy days of my youth, something new always was seen as a good thing.  The promise of new technologies, new techniques, new inventions was a better life and ever increasing standard of living, for everybody.  My whole life has been…well…about new.

The i-Phone is certainly seen as new and tremendously useful.  The labor-saving effects of a phone and Web browser, that fits into your pocket, is nothing short of remarkable.  Throw in on-board GPS, sensors, and a million apps and we have an outstanding example of why I’m so fond of new.

New has always represented a dream.  It represented something to shoot for (not at!).  It represented a brighter tomorrow, opportunity, prosperity, accomplishment…and success.

So now, where are we with new?  Is new living up to it’s potential?  How are new foreign and domestic policies working in American?


Figure it out.


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Be A Book Or Magazine Mogul

I’ve been looking into ways to get my thoughts, commentary, and how-tos out to the mass market.

A couple of companies are making the book and magazine publishing process super easy.  And, pretty inexpensive.

For books, take a look at Amazon’s CreateSpace program.  You write the text, add graphics, upload the package, and request a proof.  They’ll run a copy off and send it to you.  If everything looks good, you can move to production and Amazon will advertise on their vast network then handle orders.  As customers request a copy, the book is printed and shipped.   They also handle videos and music, the same way.  They have several great royalty programs to choose from.

How cool would it be to have your very own magazine sitting on the tables around your next open house event?

Magcloud is your answer.

They’ll make a glossy 8-1/2″ x 11″ magazine from a PDF file.  Gin up your mag, add the graphics, format according to specs, and request a proof.  Looks good?  Go to production and Magcloud handles the rest.  They work the same as Amazon.  As copies are ordered, they’re printed and shipped.  Magcloud charges US$ 0.20 per page.  Make the margin whatever you like.

Best of all, these services don’t require any up-front costs…well other than your time writing and effort in putting the package together.

Now anybody can be a publishing mogul.


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Picking Up Speed

Ahhh!  The wonders of the First Amendment.

All Right Magazine has now published two of my political opinion pieces.

The first one addresses how a number of Liberals may, in fact, have the time-tested American values of a strong family, traditions, faith, country, and the free market.

“Living The Liberal Dream”

The second story highlights why I think Naturalized Citizens tend to become part of the American way of life, only to get sidetracked by the Liberals and Democrats.

“Why Do Newbie Americans Go Democrat?

Perhaps, you should exercise your First Amendment rights to Free Speech.

Just like everything else on Doctortorque’s Workshop, my whole schtick is to encourage bold, active participation.


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Time To Speak Up

I was happy that All Conservative Magazine posted my “Living The Liberal Dream” article, yesterday.  Any visibility a Conservative can get today, is a good thing.

The editor wrote back to me and said that one of his main motivations for creating the site was to provide a place for American Citizens to freely exercise their First Amendment rights.

So here we are, once again with a shining example of the true nature of Conservatives.  He didn’t say Conservative values.  He referred specifically to the right to free speech.  He puts free speech into practice and encourages other to do the same, in spite of the ridicule and attacks that are certain to follow.  Free speech is a traditional American value and a right guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

I did and he published it.

Now it’s your turn.

Conservatives have made their voices heard at Tea Parties.  They have written letters to their congressmen.  They have created blogs and Web sites, voicing their disgust with the way the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Congress are running the country.

Now is the time to take a stand and let EVERYBODY know what you think.

Get on the Right Team and send All Right Magazine a story at

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The Swindle Continues

Obama came out with his predictable rhetoric, tonight, in his Oval Office speech.

He hasn’t done a damn thing to help stop the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.  On the contrary, he’s been dragging his feet of clay and studying the problem.  He certainly hasn’t enlisted the genius of the individual American innovator or taken advantage of specialized oil containment equipment offered by Sweden.

Now he shows up on national TV saying he is going to save the day and do everything in his power to make things right.  Get off my TV!

Surprisingly, he didn’t mention cap and tax outright.  He did talk about moving to a new green energy economy.  Obvious, code words for a cap and tax scheme.

Oh, but who needs gas and oil?  Not America.  The whole darn country runs on oil, for crying out loud.  It is the most cost-effective energy source, for our growing needs.  Yes, I said growing.  We are going to discontinue drilling, off the coast, indefinitely.  Common sense says that this logic will make things infinitely worse.  We absolutely hate what Obama and the political hacks are doing to America.

I’m not moved whatsoever, by his words.  This guy is an utter disaster and loser.  He never does anything to make things better.  It’s always a scheme to make himself look great or grab more power.  He has surrounded himself with quite a collection of Bozo the Clowns.

I think he’s a dictator in waiting.  He thinks he’s going to be king of the World.  He already is the leader of the Muslim World.  He acts like he thinks he’s a god.

He’s not a god and he needs to go.  He should man-up and resign before he is forced out of office.

The Liberals, Congress, and Obama have caused all these disasters.  These people have ginned up all these problems.  Everywhere they go, death, destruction, and despair are absolutely SURE to follow.

The Liberals and Obama must go.

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DIY Pool Pump – Revisited

With the pump and my DIY/rebuilt pool filter running great, I still faced a problem with pollen.  It has been very heavy the last few weeks and I’ve had a heck of a time, getting it out of my pool.

That was up until last week, when I discovered diatomaceous earth (commonly known as DE).

It turned out that the filter was passing the water AND the pollen.  The filter was not catching it, because the pores were too big.

So, I bought some diatomaceous earth from the local pool store.  I mixed about 8 ounces of the stuff with 16 ounces of water in a bottle and dumped it down a short piece of pipe, into the water intake.  I had to frequently shake the bottle to keep the DE mixed in the bottle.  Actually, I had to fill the bottle up several times, continuously agitating the mixture, to get it into the filter.

I then ran the pump continuously for 24 hours.  The next morning, I pulled the filter element out and hosed off all the yellow goop.  I put the filter back in and repeated the same ritual several times.

After a couple of days, the pool was noticeably clearer and I reduced the amount of DE to about 4 ounces.

Sunday morning, there were just a few little globs of yellow on the bottom, so I hooked up the hose and vacuumed the entire bottom.

I then cleaned the filter one more time and today, Monday, everything is absolutely crystal clear.

The DE did the job in fine style.

Apparently, DE is used for all kinds of filtering duties, including beer and wine.  It is a very fine powder that seems to stick together, very well, wet or dry.  A word of warning, it is abrasive and shouldn’t be inhaled.  Don’t breath in the dust cloud!

I’m glad I found this stuff and will be looking for useful applications, in the future.


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