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Create Your Own Circuits With Fritzing

Open Source Software, like Linux, and Open Hardware, like the Arduino microcontroller, are opening plenty of possibilities for entrepreneurial, off-the-shelf product development.  Putting the two together has been a little slow to catch on because traditional development has sought competitive … Continue reading

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Internet of Things

The absolute hottest talk in sophisticated tech circles today is the “Internet of Things. The “Cloud” is so…well…yesterday. ReadWriteWeb has a timely piece about a company that uses wireless sensors for agricultural monitoring.  The company is called Crossbow and the … Continue reading

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Let’s Experiment With Pachube

Pachube.com is a site used to ship real-world data around the Web.  You can upload sensor data from various sensors around your house or business (home weather station, building control system, alarm system, etc.) or use feeds from around the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Microcontrollers

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Arduino microcontroller and Xbee digital radios.  These little devices make all kinds of automation possible, including remote (two-way) applications.  The Arduino has a bunch of I/O pins, does analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing In Higher Education: Art And Engineering

I’ve been working with the Arduino microcontroller, Xbee digital radios, Linux Netbooks, and small servers.  It’s neat because I can use off-the-shelf parts, a little bit of Open Source software, and come up with prototypes, very quickly.  Anywhere from a … Continue reading

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