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Internet of Things

The absolute hottest talk in sophisticated tech circles today is the “Internet of Things. The “Cloud” is so…well…yesterday. ReadWriteWeb has a timely piece about a company that uses wireless sensors for agricultural monitoring.  The company is called Crossbow and the … Continue reading

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DIY Requires Selling

Do it yourselfers are always being tested. Family, friends, business associates, and strangers are always predictably uncomfortable buying into tackling some new, unknown, and untested DIY home improvement project or repairing something that you’ve never taken apart before.  How many … Continue reading

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DIY, Now

What motivates you to do it yourself? You want to prove you can do something You need to fix something and don’t want to spend the money Something needs to happen, immediately You can take pride in being the one … Continue reading

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The Culture Of Independence, Faith, and DIY In America

Having left the corporate world a while back, after a couple of interesting high-speed years under an out-of-state director, it’s been nice to get back into consulting and writing again.  I again have the power to decide to work on … Continue reading

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And, We’re Off!

Finally started blogging.  Will cover technology, writing, speaking, consulting, business… and, politics.

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