My name is Doctor Maximilian Torque (aka: Rob Reilly) and I’m the curator of Doctor Torque’s Laboratory.

On this site, I’ll share my knowledge, insight, and opinions on a variety of topics, including technology, writing, speaking, business, life, and politics.  The purpose of the site is to provide valuable information that readers can use and build my consulting practice, while having fun in the process.

I’m what you call a Renaissance man.

I can think, write, speak, listen to clients, rebuild an engine, organize a conference, find a good BBQ joint, weld, analyze a process, be a good husband, interview executives, explain a desktop application, hit the target, blog, prototype new devices, fish, navigate the US highways, repair anything, farm, argue politics, and on, and on, and on.

I’m a huge fan of capitalism, free markets, the US Constitution, a strong military, property rights, minimal government, Ronald Reagan, and individual liberty.

I believe that America is a great country, with a lot of great people and is the last bastion of Freedom on Earth.  My opinions are my own and I stand by them.