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Be A Book Or Magazine Mogul

I’ve been looking into ways to get my thoughts, commentary, and how-tos out to the mass market. A couple of companies are making the book and magazine publishing process super easy.  And, pretty inexpensive. For books, take a look at … Continue reading

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Bureaucrats And Herd Followers: Forget About Trying Linux

After reading the recent Mike Cassidy column titled “Linux Could Ease Schools’ Tech Crunch” on SiliconValley.com, I couldn’t help reminiscing about the long-held fantasy of rolling Linux into schools. In spite of the sad economic climate, prompting the ever-present “using … Continue reading

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DIY Idea Sites

Sometimes do-it-yourselfers need a little inspiration.  Here are several techno-geeky sites that I like to visit, “to get my DIY mind right”. Hacked Gadgets Hack-A-Day GizMag Slashdot Geek.com Make Magazine All of these sites have pretty high traffic numbers and … Continue reading

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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, A Nuke In A City…Are You Ready?

I was listening to Hannity today and heard a commercial about survival foods.  Sadly, I didn’t get the company name.  So…I did a little search and found a couple of companies that have made a business out of packaging up … Continue reading

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Internet of Things

The absolute hottest talk in sophisticated tech circles today is the “Internet of Things. The “Cloud” is so…well…yesterday. ReadWriteWeb has a timely piece about a company that uses wireless sensors for agricultural monitoring.  The company is called Crossbow and the … Continue reading

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Parts, Tools, and Inspiration

Parts, tools, and inspiration are three things you’ll need to be a DIYer. Make a habit of collecting nuts, bolts, brackets, metal and wood scraps then organizing them so they can be used in the future.  I have several old … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Microcontrollers

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Arduino microcontroller and Xbee digital radios.  These little devices make all kinds of automation possible, including remote (two-way) applications.  The Arduino has a bunch of I/O pins, does analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), … Continue reading

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