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Be A Book Or Magazine Mogul

I’ve been looking into ways to get my thoughts, commentary, and how-tos out to the mass market. A couple of companies are making the book and magazine publishing process super easy.  And, pretty inexpensive. For books, take a look at … Continue reading

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Picking Up Speed

Ahhh!  The wonders of the First Amendment. All Right Magazine has now published two of my political opinion pieces. The first one addresses how a number of Liberals may, in fact, have the time-tested American values of a strong family, … Continue reading

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Time To Speak Up

I was happy that All Conservative Magazine posted my “Living The Liberal Dream” article, yesterday.  Any visibility a Conservative can get today, is a good thing. The editor wrote back to me and said that one of his main motivations … Continue reading

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The Swindle Continues

Obama came out with his predictable rhetoric, tonight, in his Oval Office speech. He hasn’t done a damn thing to help stop the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.  On the contrary, he’s been dragging his feet of clay and … Continue reading

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DIY Pool Pump – Revisited

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Bureaucrats And Herd Followers: Forget About Trying Linux

After reading the recent Mike Cassidy column titled “Linux Could Ease Schools’ Tech Crunch” on, I couldn’t help reminiscing about the long-held fantasy of rolling Linux into schools. In spite of the sad economic climate, prompting the ever-present “using … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Circuits With Fritzing

Open Source Software, like Linux, and Open Hardware, like the Arduino microcontroller, are opening plenty of possibilities for entrepreneurial, off-the-shelf product development.  Putting the two together has been a little slow to catch on because traditional development has sought competitive … Continue reading

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