Hurricanes, Earthquakes, A Nuke In A City…Are You Ready?

I was listening to Hannity today and heard a commercial about survival foods.  Sadly, I didn’t get the company name.  So…I did a little search and found a couple of companies that have made a business out of packaging up freeze-dried food and supplies specifically for when “the worst happens”.

Survival Warehouse

This company has a variety of food packages ranging from overnight hiking survival packs to several 1-year long-term food storage solutions.  They also have a section on their page about how to deal with volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorism, and so on.  There’s even a section on pet survival products.


This company has a variety of survival products and information.  You can sign up for their monthly newsletters, that they’ll email you, with valuable information on getting prepared for catastrophe.


Nitro-Pak also has a very wide variety of products, including exotic stuff like a night-vision scope, survival books, and “surplus equipment”.

DIY means being as self-sufficient as possible.  While these survival products aren’t cheap, they might beat gathering everything up on your own.

Actually, I found it interesting that there are actually companies around that provide these products and services.

What will they think of next?

Time to go get ready for…(you fill-in the blank)


About Rob Reilly

Rob is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, specializing in Linux/Free software, hacking of just about everything, DIY and Maker Movement, and tech media. He has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University. Contact him at
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