Israel – Apparently Will Do It Themselves

With very deep regret, I’m afraid I have to say that Israel is now in total DIY mode.

I’m sad because they have been a faithful ally of the United States for a long time.  Now, with the World condemning them for just protecting their own interests, history is calling on them to again show their true grit.  I’m also sad because I cannot do a damn thing to help them, other than cast my vote for Conservatives, in November and get rid of the Liberal, Socialist rats in my own government.

The United State’s response to the Israeli situation has been weak and is enabling ever more dangerous behavior by our enemies.

I support Israel and the Jews.

They are a good and prosperous people, with strong family traditions much like in America.  Throughout history they’ve been attacked by dictators, thugs, radicals, and murderers I think because they have been successful.  It’s a shame that so many people in the World want to throw in with the bad guys and deny Israel their rights and freedoms.  Liberalism, oppression, and tyranny seem to be the World’s default governmental mode of operation.

I wish Israel the very best, but I fear that they might face the very worst.


About Rob Reilly

Rob is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, specializing in Linux/Free software, hacking of just about everything, DIY and Maker Movement, and tech media. He has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University. Contact him at
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