Doc’s DIY Weekly Wrapup – 05/21/2010

In this week’s wrap-up I definitely want to direct your attention to a guy that might someday have his picture in the dictionary, next to DIY.  His name is Dale Peterson and he’s running as a Republican for the Alabama Agriculture Commissioner.  Talk about grabbing the bull by the horns.  Looks like he fears nobody.  He calls the thugs and criminals for what they are.  Liberals probably don’t want to cross his path.  He’d certainly have my vote, if I lived in Alabama.

Which leads right into my short article for today.

Crisis of Confidence

We have a crisis, in the United States, that is fueling the destruction of our country.

The citizens, young, and old are losing this battle and we better find a way to fix it soon.

I’m talking about a crisis of confidence.

Our collective lack of confidence shows up every time somebody makes a joke and someone else is offended. Not having a tough enough skin to shake off a verbal barb, is a sure sign of lack of confidence.

If you say “Let’s go pitchfork those rat executives in Corporate America and make them give back their bonuses”, you have a confidence problem. Those guys are there because they know how to effectively run a company and make money for their shareholders. Punishing them for being successful has no relevance to your level of success. People lacking in confidence always try to tear down someone else, because they have trouble being successful.

Looking to government, to solve all your problems also denotes a lack of confidence. Strong individuals look forward to and appreciate the challenge of “making your own way, in life”.

We see more and more of these situations every day in the United States.

Over the years, citizens have lost their confidence or someone has somehow talked them out of it. People don’t stand up and say “No!” to things that are un-American or go against our Constitution. A lot of people don’t seem to want to go through the trouble of fixing our own problems. Risk is to be avoided and security seems all too frequently to be traded for freedom. Confrontations increase and competition decreases because we don’t have any confidence in our own abilities. We are no longer brave or willing to face ridicule.

It is a sad, tyrannical, and oppressive state of existance.

It may be OK for other countries, but it is not OK for America.

How can you get confidence or get your confidence back?

Start out small and use Doctortorque’s foolproof DIY confidence building methodology. Get knowledgeable, get sociable, and get confident. Yes, it sounds radical and quirky. I’ve developed my techniques by going through more layoffs than I care to remember, taking engines apart and putting them back together, fixing my own computer problems, and never ever asking for directions. Yup, I’m a confident male of the species.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Join Toastmaster and learn how to speak in public.
  • Take your kids to the roller rink and learn how to skate…so they want you to go with them.
  • Write an article, get it published on a major Website, and then get paid for it.
  • Go to a gun range and learn how to handle a handgun.
  • Stand up for Conservative values and engage America’s enemies.

Do these things for a few weeks and I guarantee that you will start to feel a lot more confident. Most likely it will take some hard work and effort, but keep at it.

America needs fearless, independent DIYers, right now, more than ever…like Mr. Peterson in Alabama.

Don’t be part of America’s problem. Step up, relish in your freedoms and independence, then do-it-yourself.


About Rob Reilly

Rob is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, specializing in Linux/Free software, hacking of just about everything, DIY and Maker Movement, and tech media. He has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University. Contact him at
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