America, Still Good

America is still one of the few places on Earth, where citizens have freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, a civilized society, and the opportunity to raise their standard of living.

People from all over the World continue to suffer dangers and hardships to get into the United States, both legally and otherwise.  America has liberated countless millions of people from tyranny and despair.  We’ve traditionally been the first ones on the scene, when another country is in need.

It bothers me deeply, that some people in the United States say that we are an immoral, greedy, war-mongering country that should be put in our place and knocked down a few notches.  They say we are a little too big and too powerful.  They say that it is not fair that the United States is so powerful and that the other countries are not.

America is still good and the World is not fair.

We still create products and services that are the envy of the World.  We work hard to help our fellow man and live good, productive lives.  We seek knowledge and practice critical thinking.  We pride ourselves on our traditions and history.  We carry a big stick and use it only when absolutely necessary.  Above all, we appreciate rugged individualism, accomplishment, excellence, and being good citizens.

America is still good and I’m glad I’m a part of it.


About Rob Reilly

Rob is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, specializing in Linux/Free software, hacking of just about everything, DIY and Maker Movement, and tech media. He has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University. Contact him at
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