The Culture Of Independence, Faith, and DIY In America

Having left the corporate world a while back, after a couple of interesting high-speed years under an out-of-state director, it’s been nice to get back into consulting and writing again.  I again have the power to decide to work on client projects or attend my kid’s school events.  Sometimes I have to do both at the same time.  Clever planning and use of cutting-edge technologies, usually get me safely through that situation.

Being independent has always required a leap of faith.  Americans are known far and wide for this exceptionally unusual behavior.

Our culture is based on independence, faith, and DIY.

Several upper-middle class friends have recently found themselves adrift, after being cut loose from their long-time employers.  Years of stable income and fairly predictable routine, have suddenly pushed them into that uncertain and challenging world of “do it yourself”.

It can be scary and a shock to the system.

The problem is that many professionals (ie: middle-class) have become very specialized in their chosen niche and have not had to be independent in the world of DIY income generation.  They’ve focused on getting the job done within their companies, but have not had to find “clients” for their services, external to their company environment.  Even if they can engage clients, then comes the challenge of doing the work AND then collecting the fee, all while bringing on new clients and business.  Organizing work, planning budgets, and actually producing quality products and services take time and effort…along with the faith that it will all work out.

Faith is a foundation of the American Way.

Some use is more than others.  Now, some will have to use it more.

So, will America continue to be the “Shining City On The Hill”?  Will we get back to growth in technology, business, and country?  Can we overcome the destructive forces that are trying to crush the United States?

The American people have always been a “do it yourself” lot.  We’ve been proud of our individualism and grit.  We’ve habitually ventured off into the challenging unknown.  We’ve taken the lead on freedom and citizens rights.  We’ve made great strides for humanity and the family.  The World is a better place because of America.

We’ve made a lot of enemies, too, for acting as we do.

I have faith that we will get back on the right track.  We’re slowly realizing who the enemies are to actual human growth and progress.  They are external, and sadly, internal to America.  I’m confident that the bad guys will be dealt with accordingly.

Not surprisingly, we’re smack dab right back to “DIY” again.


About Rob Reilly

Rob is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, specializing in Linux/Free software, hacking of just about everything, DIY and Maker Movement, and tech media. He has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University. Contact him at
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